Registered Alarm Installer In Newcastle upon Tyne

Registered Alarm Installer In Newcastle upon Tyne

With both Pyronix and Texecom Alarm Manufactures. Both are leading company’s in supplying quality and professional systems.

As a registered Installer we have in depth knowledge of the systems from theses manufactures. We also have support at hand should we be unable to resolve your problem locally.

We can upgrade, supply new systems and service you alarm. It is recommended your alarm is checked once a year (twice a year if you want a police-monitoring contract). Either by an installer coming to your property, or remotely.

Costs for this vary, particularly as you can get different levels of maintenance, such as additional free call outs or parts included.

Having your alarm system professionally maintained can help tackle any problems with false alarms. It is also a requirement of some insurance companies, and a requirement if you want a monitoring contract in addition.

Based in Newcastle upon Tyne, we can cover the full of the North East. Contact us today and get booked in.

Having installed a security system, it is important to keep it well maintained to prevent it from activating in error, or failing to activate in the event of intrusion.

Your alarm system must also be regularly maintained to comply with British Standard 4737. It may also be a condition of your home insurance policy; insurers may reject claims if the owner or occupier of a property cannot provide evidence that the alarm has been regularly serviced.

AIS Newcastle, Maintain and Install Systems to Industry standards. We can provide maintenance contracts both for labour and parts or you can pay for the parts and labour on a call out basis. If you have an alarm need contact AIS today on 0191 249 5701 or complete the online form and we will call you back.

Registered Alarm Installer in Newcastle upon Tyne
Registered Alarm Installer in Newcastle upon Tyne

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