Home CCTV Newcastle systems are proving to be the ideal solution to client security needs. Cost effective and flexible, CCTV can be stand-alone or form part of a more extensive security operation with full telemetry control and digital recording with various memory options from 500GB to 10TB and integral CD/USB writing facilities.

Home CCTV Newcastle
Home CCTV Newcastle

Systems will allow manual, automatic and/or simultaneous viewing of all cameras with recording and playback of all camera events, high capacity hard disk storage and the facility to transfer recorded data to a VCR, DVD or to a remote PC for playback.

Systems may be linked to existing computer networks or designed to allow users to view camera images remotely from another location via a secure website on the Internet, via iPhone, iPad and android mobile software,

Able Installation Services can help you to maintain complete control of your property, which will in turn help to ensure that your premises are consistently protected. Combining CCTV and door entry systems, these integrated solutions are the most efficient way to manage both your property and the people within it.

Thanks to AIS Newcastle, you can feel confident that your interests are protected and your property is under constant surveillance. Our customers can also rest assured that the systems and services we supply always meet the highest standards of reliability and performance.

An integrated system can help to reduce the costs of your security plan, which will help to make protecting your premises much more affordable. We offer quick, cost-effective installations, and our highly qualified team have the expertise required to effectively update your property with the minimum of disruption. Trust AIS Newcastle to provide a system which is tailored to your exact requirements.

  • Suitable for internal or external applications
  • Fixed or PTZ colour cameras
  • Infra red illumination for improved images at night and in low light levels
  • Local and/or remote monitoring of camera images
  • Connection to intruder alarm
  • Powerful deterrent to unwanted trespass, theft & violent crime

AIS Newcastle also offer a CCTV Maintenance Contract for Home and Businesses – from only 9.99 a month you can be covered.


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